Voyager - L



Voyager-L is a unique device designed to perform therapeutic procedures for the treatment of painful conditions in the epidural lumbar/sacral space, when treatment in fibrotic and scarring areas, or epidural adhesions affecting the nerve roots, resulting in radicular pain are required. The unique handling and flexibility of the Voyager-L device enable the electrocather tip to be neatly introduced through the fibrotic tissue, easily positioned in close proximity of the scarring area to be treated. Subsequently, selective drugs may be administered along a stimulation as electrical evocation test.
This procedure results in/triggers a dual mechanical and chemical action designed to alleviate the bonding by loosening the affected roots. The electrocatheter is introduced with percutaneous approach into the epidural area via hiatus sacral channel or via extraforaminal way. This procedure is performed using a specific introducer needle. The electrocatheter is guided into the epidural space under radiological guidance, no endoscopic technique is applied. The electrocatheter is connected to an ENS Stimulator.
Necessity for a dispersion plate to be positioned on the patient.


- Administer drug treatments into the spinal canal, through selective and targeted delivery of drugs to the target to be treated.
- Deliver electrical stimulation to the nerve structures at multiple levels, such as electrical evocation Test, aimed to properly identify the origin of the pain, to accurately and correctly position the electrocatheter tip, to identify the nerve roots to be treated;
- (Cord - Radicular) Spinal cord stimulation;
- Deliver the treatment to several targets and levels over the same session thanks to no memory effect, as in a normal electrocatheter;
- Perform adhesiolysis/Peridurolisi or lysis of adhesions by peridural access with electrical evocation test, dual mechanical and chemical action.


-  Ergonomic
- The Orientation mechanism of the tip to facilitate the navigation and the advancement of the electrocatheter  into the epidural space, even in the presence of fibrous tissue, for a faster and precise achievement and positioning of the active tip in the target to be treated with Stimulation and subsequent selective drugs injections. Furthermore, It allows the possibility of treating in the same operative session, complex unilateral and bilateral diseases, even on multiple levels.
Reduction of the times, greater effectiveness of the treatment and a safer therapeutic result.
- Block system of the tip. The system prevents the deplacement of the electrocatheter tip once it is positioned on the target to be treated.

Electrical connection cable with connector dedicated for direct connection to a electrostimulator.

- Presence of a dedicated lumen for drug infusions.

Infusional way
with specific extension cable.

- Sacral and cervical access.
- Radiopaque in  plastic Braider material, reinforced with special reinforced  autraumatic tip, which resets the possibility of injuring the catheter.

Radiopaque and flexible electrocatheter body.
Presence of centimeter markings.

Radiopaque flexible, soft, atraumatic, radiopaque and orientable tip.

Stimulating electrode.

Targeted and selected infusion, at the tip and lateral, of drugs on the target to be treated.

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