Voyager is a Bipolar Multifunctional Epidural Electrocather with Steerable Active Tip, designed for Electrical Stimulation, for pulsed radiofrequency epidural spinal neural structures (spinal nerves, dorsal nerve roots and the respective posterior dorsal ganglia) and pharmacological treatments. Electrocatheter is designed for chronic neuropathic painful pathologies treatment of the epidural space.
The electrocatheter is inserted through an introducer needle into the epidural space via hiatus sacral channel or via extraforaminal way. The electrocather is connected to a Radiofrequency Generator in stimulation modality and pulsed PRF Radiofrequency.
In the bipolar version, the two opposite sign electrodes located into the electrocatheter tip, associated to the generator, allow to generate an electrical bipolar field, that interrupts the nervous stimulus conduction inhibiting pain trasmission.
Bipolar electrical field avoids the electrosurgical plates or active electrode cannula use, with the advantage that the current flow is optimized and the energy is not dissipated but is concentrated in the area to be treated, ensuring Electrical Stimulation and a more precise and selective Radiofrequency.


- (Motor and Sensory) Stimulation of dorsal nervous structures, directed to the research and the correct identification of the pain origin, to get an accurate and a correct positioning of the tip, to identify the nerve roots to be treated with PRF
- Pulsed Radiofrequency Treatment (PRF) on several levels, of spinal and dorsal nerve structures.
- Spinal cord stimulation (Cord – Radicular)
- Pharmacological treatments by selective drugs infusion on the target to be treated in the spinal canal or contrast liquids infusions.
- Treatment for adhesiolysis, peridurolysis or lysis of adhesions by epidural access with electrical evocation tests and with mechanic and chemical action.



- Ergonomic
- The Orientation mechanism of the tip to facilitate the navigation and the advancement of the electrocatheter into the epidural space, even in the presence of fibrous tissue, for a faster and precise achievement and positioning of the active tip in the target to be treated with Stimulation, Radiofrequency and subsequent selective drugs injections. Furthermore, It allows the possibility of treating in the same operative session, complex unilateral and bilateral diseases, even on multiple levels.
Reduction of the times, greater effectiveness of the treatment and a safer therapeutic result.
- Block system of the tip. The system prevents the deplacement of the electrocatheter tip once it is positioned on the target to be treated.


- Dedicated connector for each different Radiofrequency Generator
- Direct connection of the electrocatheter to the various Radiofrequency generators, without the aid of the adapters. Absence of Cold Joints.

- Presence of a dedicated lumen for drug infusions


- Sacral and cervical access
- Radiopaque in plastic Braider material, reinforced with special reinforced autraumatic tip, which resets the possibility of injuring the catheter


Radiopaque and flexible electrocatheter body. Presence of centimeter markings.


Radiopaque flexible, soft, atraumatic, radiopaque and orientable tip.


- Bipolar electric field generated by two opposite sign electrodes
- Presence of a Thermocouple Sensor for continuous monitoring and measurement of the temperature in the tip.


Targeted and selected infusion, at the tip and lateral, of drugs on the target to be treated.






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