Our main goal is to provide Healthcare Professionals with an opportunity to develop and enhance their technical and practical skills through:

• Educational Live Surgery
• Cadaver-Lab
• Workshop

Our training courses are designed to meet the needs of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), in order to enable all participants to gain theoretical/practical experience and improve their ability to manage complex clinical cases. In addition to theoretical sessions, we recognize the particular importance of practical sessions organized in highly specialized facilities, where attendees can observe the performance of scheduled interventions conducted by experienced Healthcare Operators, as well as carry out simulated surgical interventions during events such as Cadaver-Lab.
To ensure the quality of our courses, we are constantly updated on the latest innovations and developments in the fields of Pain Therapy, Spinal Surgery, Neurosurgery, and Interventional Radiology, while also collaborating with a team of professionals (physicians and product specialists) who, due to their extensive knowledge and technical expertise on medical devices, act as qualified and motivated Trainers.
These events represent places where participants can actually compare themselves with colleagues and doctors of different specializations, with the sole objective of ensure the highest operational quality and, therefore, improve the diagnostic-therapeutic pathways of patients.