Percutaneous Discectomy System

Cervical and Lumbar ALFADEK
ALFADEK is a device created for Percutaneous Discectomy, by mechanical action, to remove part of the nucleus pulpous of intervertebral disc, for the treatment of radicular pain due to contained herniated disc.
ALFADEK uses a specific motorised extraction probe, haveing a helical auger tip, which is based on the principle of Archimeds’ never ending screw.
This procedure is appropriate at each level of the spine with great advantages for the patient. It’s mini-invasive, no pain, with no surgical incision and with short hospital stay. It is made by local anesthesia under fluoroscopic guidance.
Thanks to the particular system of the helical auger probe, it is possible to examine the disc material removed, that is collected, during the procedure, in a specific vial.